About Us!

When I was growing up, my mum didn’t use skincare products. She preferred natural remedies - aloe vera, rosehip oil, and coconut oil – to keep her skin looking amazing. It worked, because even now that she’s in her ‘60s, her skin is incredible.

I didn’t start properly looking after my skin until my early thirties – cleansing with water and spending hours in the sun without adequate sunscreen (naughty, I know!) took a serious toll on my skin. Pigmentation, dullness, and fine lines were becoming noticeable, so I wanted to start taking my skincare seriously.

As a self-confessed low-maintenance beach bum with no skincare knowledge, I went with whatever my friends recommended. After years of spending a fortune on ‘anti-aging’ products that didn’t suit my skin or needs, I took a cue from my mum and went back to basics. I’m not afraid of my skin aging: it’s inevitable. I just want my skin to look and feel as healthy as possible.

My husband (who was once guilty of washing every part of himself with shampoo) also began taking an interest in skincare, but we didn’t see the point in ‘his and hers’ products. Skin is skin, right? So, I decided to work with a skincare expert and formulate a gender-neutral skincare range that is effortlessly effective and uses natural ingredients to deliver visible results in a short time. We now know it as Miss & Mr Skincare!

Following nearly two years of trial and error to create three absolutely spot-on products, I welcomed my sister as the brand’s marketing and social media expert. Miss & Mr Skincare purposefully only has three products, so you can enjoy a complete and uncomplicated regimen that won’t take up your precious time. Use them consistently, and gloriously glowing skin will be yours.

We both hope you love our range as much as we do, and experience your version of healthy skin. It makes our hearts sing when our community tell us about the difference it has made for them. Watch this space and be part of our journey - we have big plans for Miss & Mr Skincare.

Sarai and Saida x


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