Fantastic skin doesn’t have a gender

Fantastic skin doesn’t have a gender

Had enough of buying ‘hers or ‘his’ beauty products? Same here. Miss and Mr Skincare is proudly a gender neutral skincare brand that values results and inclusiveness above all. We believe skin is skin and that skincare products don’t need to be made for women or men. This is why we’re a unisex brand.

Give your skin what it wants

No matter how laidback or troublesome your skin might be, the principles for taking care of it are more or less the same for everyone – cleanse, moisturise and use SPF. If you want to maintain a healthy, boast-about-it complexion, it’s also important to work out what your skin responds well to.

This means figuring out what your skin type currently is (remembering it might change seasonally or over the years). You might have normal, dry, sensitive, oily, or combination skin – you also could have skin concerns that you want to deal with, such as dullness, acne or hyperpigmentation. When you know what your skin is craving, you can build a routine which caters to its needs.

Read between the lines

It’s easy to get sucked into making skincare purchases based on pleasing packaging, beaming models and over-hyped buzzwords. To make it even more difficult to resist, brands often use gendered phrases and images to appeal to their target market.

But this tells us little about where the product fits into our skincare routine, how it will improve our complexion, or what it’s formulated with. You’re paying for what’s inside, so it’s important to be wary of clichéd marketing tactics and take a close look at the ingredients list instead.

Take time out

One of our aims is to create gender neutral skincare products that have personality. We have deliberately kept our packaging simple so that it looks at home in anyone’s bathroom, but we didn’t want to just leave it there.

Miss and Mr Skincare products also include holographic foil details to add just the right amount of frivolity to your skincare routine. It’s our way of reminding you that beauty doesn’t need to be clinical or complicated. It can simply be a chance to take some time out and feel connected to yourself.

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